My name is Hitesh Kumar, I come from the western region of Rajasthan called Marwar. I pursued Electrical Engineering in my bachelor and, with my interests, I slowly drifted to design. Currently, I am pursuing M.Des (final-sem) in Industrial Design at NID, Ahmedabad. I approach any design challenge with a multidisciplinary attitude. I constantly try to rediscover my potential by bounding boundaries.

As a design student, I am comfortable with conducting onsite and online design research. I have had opportunities to work in a range of courses & projects involving a craft to a complex product design to a system design. My key areas of Interest lies in Experience Design, Visual Design, Design Thinking, Product Design, System Design, User-Centric Solutions, Inclusive Design, Materials Handling & Aesthetically Pleasing Deliverables. My source of Inspiration starts from Nature. I work in the harmony of Technology, Design & Aesthetics.

My notable achievement:
Masters of Design (Ceramic & Glass Design) (2018-Present)  
National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Bachelor of Technology (Electrical Engg) (2014-2018)
Institute of Infrastructure Technology Research and Management, Ahmedabad.

Work experience
Graduation Project, Mulder India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore (Jan, 2021- Present)
Design Internship, Haute Arte, Udaipur (Oct, 2020- Mid Sept, 2020)
Engineering Internships: L&T Buildings & Factories, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), Signal Loss Study of IRNSS-IITRAM. ( in between 2014-2018)

Hobbies & interests  
Ukulele, Illustrations & Blender-3D
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